If you are noticing your car is lacking responsiveness or lacking power, it can often be traced to a blocked exhaust. This can easily be fixed either on site with our AUTOMOBILE SERVICES or at our workshop.

When you bring your vehicle into Kristol Automotive, we can install any standard or after market exhaust no matter the size or the shape of your vehicle. Our technicians have several years of experience and would love lend a helping hand. We know how difficult it is to find the right mechanics who know what they are doing. CALL US NOW to make a booking.

Our team of experts will also inspect your mufflers system and check for any exhaust leaks. The health and safety of your family and others around you is crucial - make sure you take notice of the carbon monoxide fumes as it could be releasing into your car. 

If your car is lacking power or is less responsive, the cause can often be traced to a blocked exhaust. We can easily correct this for you.

Additionally, we have knowledge regarding decibel limits on modified exhaust and muffler systems that you save you from infringement notices or getting your vehicle pink / green snickered. 

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At Kristol Automotive, it is part of our normal routine to run an emission's test during exhaust SERVICING. It only takes us 5-15minutes for us to give you the appropriate advice for your vehicle. Whether its using the right fuel / or maintenance recommendations. Vehicles with clean exhaust and the muffler system is a healthy vehicle which means you save on petrol and maintenance in the long run. At Kristol, our aim is to give you the best possible support so that your vehicle has a long foreseeable future.


You can check your exhaust system at home, simply look around the exhaust system for any discoloration or build up of dirt which is mainly the indicator that your engine is running to rich or lean.

If you need a professional mechanic or an AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC, and we'll take a look at very competitive rates.